In terms of fertility Zinc is an essential component of “genetic material”. A deficiency has the ability to create chromosomal changes in either the male or female, reducing fertility probability. It must be said that Zinc is necessary for when it comes to reproduction as it influences reproductive hormones, oestrogen and progesterone in females.

Equally it affects concentration of sperm count in male fertility. Zinc is also needed to make the outerlayer and tail of sperm. For those wanting to improve their Preconception Care a Zinc Taste Test can test for just that.

Depending on the level of taste Herbalists are able to get an idea of what the levels are. If they are low an appropriate dose is prescribed. Note also that a deficiency although amazingly common however often SUBCLINICAL therefore blood tests often prove negative, can retard growth of your unborn child and also delay post natal wound healing especially seen in C-section Births.

Appropriate dosages: 12-16mg Pre- pregnancy
16-21mg- Pregnancy
Zinc is found highly in Oysters/ Crabs/Crayfish
Pumpkin Sesame and Squash Seeds, Organic Meat, Yoghurt,
Oats and Chickpeas.

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