Meditation is a state of ‘Stillness’ , a state of True Self.

It is a method that helps to explore your own personal dimension of life, from within out.

For many freeing your mind from everyday clutter allowing it to calm down and become quiet, can take some practice.

The benefits of meditation is not only a sense of enlightenment but has many health benefits. Some of these are:

  • A deeper level of Awareness
  • A deeper level of Relaxation
  • Increases blood flow to body parts while it slows down heart rate
  • Has the ability to influence Mood and Behaviour bringing a sense of wellness for many

The most important principle of meditation is to bring together in harmony , the mind, emotions and the physical body.

There is evidence that Western Medicine is beginning to embrace some practices of meditation. We often see the ability where meditation enhances the effects of our immune system . This is often seen where the activity if ‘Natural Killer’ cells can increase in number[these kill bacteria and cancer cells].

The other major benefit is the ability to ‘calm’ the mind and release emotional distress. Stillness of the mind allows the chemical pathways of the mind to release and increase the production of Serotonin, otherwise known as our Happy Hormone.

There are different types of meditation. Experimenting with different styles will give you an insight to what works best for you.


Usually guided meditation, it helps to awaken the body by using the breath to slow, deepen and relax your soul and physical body. Your spine is used as a visual channel where the 7 chakras stem from restoring health imbalances.


Strengthens our senses and develops Wisdom. Brings Self Awareness to light. Usually takes place by allowing ourselves to feel all of our personal suffering in a private space and then giving our selves permission and the freedom to release emotions into a positive state


Sound vibrations or Chanting is used to create positive energy through what we call chakras


Often used by Buddhist teachings. Gives value to life and to appreciate each day by giving us permission to ‘Stop’ and slow down from our everyday pressures. Again increases personal Wisdom and Awareness


Using objects to gaze at. More often a candle is used at eye level beginning with the eyes open. Focus on the wick not the flame and as you become more comfortable close your eyes, imagining the flame at the brow centre.

This type of meditation develops intuition

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