Hot Stone Massage combines the benefits of hydrotherapy and thermotherapy along with the benefits of using massage strokes to create a deep, relaxing and healing treatment.

We use both Hot and Cold stones based on Chinese philosophy.

Hot stones are used to warm the skin and are placed on certain body points.

These allow all moisturising oils to be absorbed by the body and prepares the therapist to work into the deeper tissues of muscles.

Cold Stones are used in opposite postioning to the Hot Stones to help restore balance and to push congestion and blockages away as well as to decrease inflammation.

Crystals are placed on certain points along the body and Stone Massage is used to stimulate different Meridian Points.

For a Deep, Relaxing and Calming Experience on a Physical, Emotional and Spritual Level we invite you for a true Indulgence

  • Price  $ 100.00


  1. Aleviate Stress
  2. Decrease tension and muscle inflammation
  3. Improve lymphatic drainage and detoxification pathways
  4.  Connect and Balance with Higher Self on a Spiritual Level